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Safety and Privacy Conditions


This page contains a description of the policies for managing the website in regard to processing the personal data of the users who visit the site and their privacy.

This information is provided pursuant to article 13 of Italian and European Privacy Code, Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and GDPR 679/2016 Laws concerning the Protection of Personal Data and the individuals who interact with the web services of Agenzia Immobiliare Marinetta Vacanze, which is accessible by telematics means through the following web address : to the home page of the official website.

This informative note is provided only for the aforementioned website and not for other websites eventually accessed by the user through links.


Following consultation of this site, relative identified details or identified persons can be dealt with.

The owner of their management is Agenzia Marinetta Vacanze Due Sas, who has an office in Via dei Platani, 1 57020 Marina di Bibbona - Cod. Fisc. and VAT code 01745630499, .

The person responsible for their management is , who has an office in Via dei Platani, 1 57020 Marina di Bibbona


Agenzia Marinetta Vacanze Due Sas, owner of the management of data collected through the company's web-site, deals with your personal data in a very confidential manner. The same for requests regarding information, availability or bookings, in the end, is able to offer a professional and efficient service. Information received will not be given to third parties except that of our professional consultants who work within the company. But will be used exclusively, with the aim of, completing bookings and giving commercial information of Agenzia Immobiliare Marinetta Vacanze.

In accordance with European legislation, Agenzia Immobiliare Marinetta Vacanze keeping a tight security procedure with the handling of personal data, to prevent the inaccurate use by the same, caused by eventual access of non-authorised persons.


Computer systems and the standard software proposed in functioning this web-site acquire some personal details of which sending is implied, in the use of Internet Communication Protocol.

Dealing with information which isn't only collected to be associated with identified persons. But also by those, whose interests through data processing and are able to identify the user (consumer).

Under this category of information re-enter the IP addresses or the names of the origin of computer used by user to connect with site. The identified addresses (URI –Uniform Resource Identifier) requests time, the method used to impose the request to the server, the size of file obtained on answer, the numbered code which shows the state of the responding data of the server (good, fine, error etc) and other relative parameters of the operative system and the computer system environment of the user.

These details are only then used to obtain anonymous statistical information on the web-site and to control its correct function. The details might be used to confirm responsibility of damage to the site by hypothetical criminal acts.


We are sending optional, clear and voluntary e-mails, to the addresses shown on this site, which lead to successive acquisition of the user's address, necessary in replying to the request, as well as other eventual personal details completed by writer.

The treatment of the above-mentioned details needed to send commercial proposals will only be used, and exclusively, with explicit informed approval of the interested party.

Specified informative summaries will be reported progressively and visualised on the web-site page.


No personal details of the user will be kept intentionally by the web-site.

Cookies are not used for the transmission of information of personal nature, neither the use of c.d. persistent cookies of any type, or rather users' tracing systems.

The use of c.d. cookies sessions (which are not completely memorised on the user's computer and vanish with closure of the browser and are closely confined to the determined transmitted session (made up of random numbers produced by the server ) necessary to consent the secure exploration and efficiency of the site.

The c.d. cookie sessions used in this web-site avoid getting on other technical computer information potentially prejudice for the confidentiality of net-surfing by the user and don't allow the acquisition of the user's personal identified data.

The Web site uses the following cookies technical:

In addition, the Site uses cookies to social platforms (in this case, the platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Instagram), managed by third parties. These cookies are necessary to allow a social account to interact with the site, allow to express appreciation and share it with their friends. Cookies of social platforms are not needed for navigation. Here's more information about the cookies used social platforms, on its privacy policies and methods of deactivation of the same:

Facebook Info:
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Connecting for the first time to the site, the user will see a summary report on the use of cookies. Closing this information through the function key or clicking outside the banner that contains and continuing in the navigation on the Site, you consent to the use of cookies by third parties, as described in this Privacy Statement.


You have the right, whenever you want, to consult your personal data which has been registered in our system. You can ask for your personal data by e-mail from The subject (title) of your e-mail inserted should read "request verification of my personal data".

In case your data isn't correct, it can be modified on your request. You can ask Agenzia Immobiliare Marinetta Vacanze for the removal of information which is connected to the data-base, sending an e-mail to the address shown above.

For any suggestions or clarifications on security conditions, send an e-mail to the above address:

» Safety and Privacy Conditions
Agenzia Immobiliare Marinetta Vacanze
Via dei Platani, 1
57020 Marina di Bibbona, Italy

Latitude: 43.24576
Longitude: 10.53589
Tel: +39.0586.600668
Mob.: +39.333.9562004
Fax: +39.0586.600668
Agenzia Marinetta Vacanze Due Sas
Via dei Platani, 1
57020 Marina di Bibbona, Italy
VAT 01745630499
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